Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Light pours out from the windows of my heart...

This was a fun super spontaneous shoot at my house. basically threw on some eyeliner smudged it up took down my hair and put on my cozy sweater and some vintage rings. something i have always seen and wanted to re create but never had the guts until now. hope you like. all photos by Ian Johnson and i did wardrobe and makeup on this one.

sometimes in such a whirlwind of life we can loose our joy and hope for the future. who can blame us though with work, relationships, health, bills, one thing after a another seems to pile up on us and we can get bogged down. When i started this blog i envisioned it as an outlet and way to express my creative side that hasn't been able to get out in a while. Even in the short time and very few photos shoots i have done i have realized i am passionate about it. I Love the freedom in photos and the playfulness in wardrobe and makeup i wouldn't normally do on a day to day basis. I have many inspirations but my number one is God who has saved me from the pit i was in set my feet upon a rock. All i do is for Him and i desire to bring Him glory in any way i can. with and in love.

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