Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas time!

This year was done very simply; besides the extra large stocking that my mother picked up for me at the dollar store. Which i thoroughly enjoyed unpacking. I also got a new food processor and salad spinner to add to my kitchen collection.

This is where i am intently focusing on the words for the carols we were singing all night long on christmas eve at my aunt and uncles house.
Our lovely christmas tree this year. We are basically down to only red, gold, and silver ornaments. Still there is something comforting about the tradition of the same colors for a few years in a row. Me and Ian decorated with reindeer antlers on our heads for fun and to get in the spirit. I know this post is a bit late because now it is after christmas is over but it isn't the new year yet and so here you go.
I hope and pray that in the weeks to come you all are encouraged and learn more about me and my heart through this blog. i am excited to start documenting more of my life so that i can look back in the years to come and  reminisce on the amazingly special times i have.
with love . 1 Corinthians 13