Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New additions.......

Sorry for the absence of postings this week. I have been very busy with a new something i got last weekend. i can't wait to post some photos and share what it is. All i can say is it is bringing me so many smiles and love to my home!!!
 Love you all and blessing for He has risen

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Drying Of The Lawns....

(forever 21 top,David Bitton jacket, American apparel leggings, Dolce Vita boot)

( chicos sweater, I.N.C. leggings, Forever 21 wedges & rings, michael Kors watch)

Night shoot in the rain and cold produced these photos. I really enjoyed this shoot even though i was a bit freezing, Ian had this idea and i ran with it. One of the best parts of this shoot was meeting Micah at MAC she did an amazing job on my makeup. She was such a sweetheart seeing her again at her BFs show a few weekends ago was really fun too. I am still in Tahoe with the family and i will post some photos also. Hope you are all having a splendid monday and great beginning to your week.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the darkness i found some light......

A full black and white shoot is now done. This one we did with a more everyday wearable wardrobe for myself. I still don't normally wear such a dark lip but wow i LOVED this makeup look. Thanks so much to Freddy Lopez at MAC cosmetics at Macys follow and support him here. . Well actually my camera battery died after about a hundred shots in so sadly we didnt get to be as creative on this one. I felt like right when i started to get comfortable in front of the camera again it died. But that is life right?

photos by: Ian Johnson
Makeup: Freddy Lopez
Styled by myself

Sure hope you all are having a good weekend. I am blogging from my hotel room in Tahoe right now at Heavenly resort . Its super windy and cold out so i have resorted to blogging and continuing to look for a dog to adopt soon. Going to venture out to the hot tub later and possibly do a little reading. It is so much fun to spend time with the family though; my sister is growing up so fast i cant believe she is already 12 and she is bigger than me in almost every way. weird how that happens.
xoxo ill post some photos soon of the trip also

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Light pours out from the windows of my heart...

This was a fun super spontaneous shoot at my house. basically threw on some eyeliner smudged it up took down my hair and put on my cozy sweater and some vintage rings. something i have always seen and wanted to re create but never had the guts until now. hope you like. all photos by Ian Johnson and i did wardrobe and makeup on this one.

sometimes in such a whirlwind of life we can loose our joy and hope for the future. who can blame us though with work, relationships, health, bills, one thing after a another seems to pile up on us and we can get bogged down. When i started this blog i envisioned it as an outlet and way to express my creative side that hasn't been able to get out in a while. Even in the short time and very few photos shoots i have done i have realized i am passionate about it. I Love the freedom in photos and the playfulness in wardrobe and makeup i wouldn't normally do on a day to day basis. I have many inspirations but my number one is God who has saved me from the pit i was in set my feet upon a rock. All i do is for Him and i desire to bring Him glory in any way i can. with and in love.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I fell for you in the shadow of the sun....

Sometimes we all need to step outside our daily lives and play a little dress up. This is what mine looks like. splendid night shooting in a dress i would never normally wear but somehow fell in love with the girly sheer maxi dress by Maje.

This was a fun shoot with Ian the other day. We just made it for the sunset and snapped a few fun photos for my blog. Makeup was done at MAC by the lovely Gavi Pena she is so sweet and amazing everyone go to her. i am very excited about the next shoot and having her do a more crazy eye look. Photos all taken by Ian Johnson and the outfit is silk maxi dress by Maje and heels from forever 21. thanks again to flying goat for letting us interrupt your closing duties and shoot. I pray you are all having a blessed week and having a bit of fun as well.
Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips praise you. Psalm 63:3