Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 COFFEE is a must each and everyday! not only for the caffeine but i love the taste also

 jeans, flats, sweaters, and music another staple

been hitting the gym....

 Been at the gym almost everyday since i joined. hit it hard and then i have been suffering from a slight cold for the last few days so i took it a little easy and now im feeling better so today i hit it hard!

 25 min: treadmill 3.7 incline
arms, shoulders, abs, and squats
20 min on eliptical
and i did some tanning!!

My driveway the other morning! i love the hills behind our house

Monday, November 14, 2011

Joining the gym

I have decided to finally join a gym again. To keep me motivated i am going to one a friend already goes to as well as getting the membership that allows me to bring a guest free everyday! Woo hoo Planet Fitness . Now i need the perfect workout playlist
 My legs
 Lina from sexy skinny
Me walking when i was in costa mesa. Inspo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

sometimes all we can really do is wait.

I am in a period of waiting, sometimes when we have to wait for things it makes us question why we are waiting or if we are even pursuing the right thing in the first place. But one thing i have learned in my short life so far is that God never makes us wait too long for the answer. He always answers in His perfect time. the time that He is aware is best for us. the last few months have been especially up in the air lets say and it has been weighing on me in many different ways. But i know that in the near future i will be getting some answers and confirmation as per the things i am waiting on. All we really need to do is find beauty in the process and not become too hasty in our doings that we miss the day to day life that is in front of us as we wait for the seemingly bigger or more important thing. God tells us to delight ourselves in Him and He will give us the desires of our heart. psalm 37:4. What a beautiful promise that is. (maybe the reason i have it tattooed)
 Goodnight loves.

eat healthy

coffee, salads, and fruit is mainly what my diet contains. I also eat lean protein and a few times a month i have red meat for the iron content! juicing is so great as well as lemon water


Miss Catt Sadler is such a beautiful girl and i love her style and what she does!



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Hey any one out there who reads my blog. all six of you :) i am going to be going through a major blog facelift over the next few days! i have been reading the most amazing and inspiring blog for a few weeks now and it has completely challenged me to do what i love and what drives me. Her name is Lina and her blog is CATALINASU.COM she is a professional makeup artist and health/workout enthusiast.  I cant wait to keep posting and be more inspired as well as inspire some of you to follow your dreams and what you are passionate about!!
(above: me being silly at home)
(above: the beautiful LINA and below is her blog go follow)